I'm Eric Zawrotny, and I live in Pittsburgh, PA with a dog and two evil cats. I am a designer, artist, illustrator, photographer, printmaker, painter, and technology addict. The last 4 years have been pretty busy for me. I have worked as a visual and interactive designer for 2 digital marketing agencies, started my own art and illustration business, and displayed art in various galleries and festivals. My work has won national awards and the admiration of local communities.

My creative philosophy is pretty simple; Just make cool stuff that you believe in. It doesn't have to be trendy, highly conceptual, or earth-shatteringly new and original. If you make it good enough, someone is going to want it. This hasn't failed me yet.

When I'm not making art and websites, I enjoy spending quality time with my beloved Fender Telecaster, taking care of my ultra-needy bonsai garden, plotting improbable ways to fix up my old Pittsburgh row-house, and hunting elusive craft beers.